Spray Foam – An Exceptional Choice for Insulation and Commercial Roofing

Spray foam has been used in commercial applications for 50+ years. It is a solid option for roof protection, building insulation, and energy efficiency. Here are a few ways spray foam offers value for roofing and insulation applications:

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Renewable, energy-saving, lasting roofing solutions for agricultural, industrial, and commercial buildings!

  • Spray foam roofing can last 30-50 years, or longer
  • Prevents lateral water movement within roof structure
  • Extremely lightweight, highly durable, and great lifespan
  • Insulates and reinforces building protection at same time
  • Big savings on heating and cooling costs year-round
  • Exceptional insulation with high R-value per square inch
  • Extremely tight-bodied for excellent waterproofing
  • Can be 15-30% less expensive to install and maintain
  • Greatly reduced sound transmission
  • No tear-off to apply in many cases
  • Significantly improves building’s environmental impact
  • Easily repaired and recoated

Conklin® Roofing Systems Trained

Foam Works has completed Conklin’s comprehensive roof systems training to install and warranty their top-performing, energy-efficient poly foam and roof coating systems. In the crowded market of liquid-applied roofing supplies, Conklin® stands out with 35+ years of excellence and its widespread use. To this day, Conklin® products have been applied on 2+ billion square feet nationwide. We back our trust in Conklin® and our workmanship with non-prorated warranties on all labor and materials.

Qualified Spray Foam Contractors

Because of its specifications, spray foam requires careful precision and expertise to be applied correctly. Foam Works personnel have been professionally trained in best practices for proper spray application. And our capable team engages in continuing education efforts to remain at the forefront of this great-performing building product. In short, you can trust us to handle all your spray foam insulation or commercial roofing demands with preciseness and attentiveness to detail.